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Retirement Community F.A.Q.

What is retirement living?

Retirement living is for people who would like to simplify their lives, eliminating much of the maintenance required by owning a home.

Is there a minimum age limit to move into Evergreen Estates?

We do not have an age limit for our residents. However, the majority of our residents are between the ages of 60 and 100 plus.

 Do residents have a voice at Evergreen Estates?

The residents at Evergreen Estates have a long established Resident Committee to ensure they have a voice in the operation and services provided to them. Each month there is a meeting with tenants and administration to discuss dietary and activities.

Can residents have guests for meals? Does it cost extra?

Our residents’ guests are always welcome to any meal. There is a $5 charge for each guest meal.

Do I need to have additional rental insurance on my personal belongings?

It is advisable for you to look into rental insurance. In the event of a disaster, Evergreen Estates covers only our own property.

How safe is the building in case of a fire?

Evergreen was designed with fire safety in mind. The building is protected by sprinklers and smoke/heat detectors.  The fire panel is directly linked to our local fire department and a monitoring company. Staff is trained for emergencies and we perform monthly fire drills. The Washington State Fire Marshall inspects the building on a annual basis.

If I have a family member who wants to visit me, can they stay at Evergreen Estates?

If you have enough room in your apartment, they are more than welcome to stay with you. Evergreen does provide a Guest Room that is set up like most hotels in the area. It is furnished with a Queen-size bed, Cable TV, balcony and small kitchenette. This Guest Room is based on reservations only and we suggest you obtain your reservation early. The charge for the Guest Room is $50 per night. Evergreen does limit the length of stay for visitors, so please check with the front desk on these limits.

Does Evergreen Estates allow cats and dogs?

Pets are not allowed, although they are welcome to visit if kept on a leash. Owners are responsible for the animal.

Will you take me to my medical appointments?

We will provide transportation for medical appointments that are on the Tri-State Medical Campus.